We’re moving!

VFS will be running programs on Saturday mornings at Williamstown North Primary School as of 2018. The program will start on 3rd February with an Open Day. The VFS program has been designed to supplement a player’s normal club training program to significantly improve their technical ability and make them a better player. The Open Day will be used to place players into groups that will challenge them appropriately and will not be based on age or gender alone, acknowledging the unique path that every player travels as they learn. 

How to register

Please fill out the registration form . Cost for the term is $200 (7 weeks after the Open Day). Sessions run for 90 minutes, and include small group training  with a focus on individuals getting as many touches on the ball as possible. This results in them being engaged and challenged. The first 60 minutes will consist of:

  • ball mastery, learning how to manipulate the ball with all surfaces of the foot
  • using both feet instead of relying upon their dominant side. This makes them a more balanced player
  • first touch, turning, dribbling, running with the ball, striking the ball, quick feet, as well as passing and receiving
  • a strong focus on 1v1

The remaining 30 minutes will involve games of 2v2, which will give the players opportunity to put into practise what they are learning.

Register early to avoid disappointment as places are limited! 2018 is just around the corner!


2 thoughts on “We’re moving!

    • Hi Angela,

      I will be running session outs of Williamstown only on Saturday mornings. Once i have my schedule from Avondale (club season 2018) confirmed i will be able to provide times in the Taylor’s Lakes/ Niddie area.

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