Please read testimonials and reviews provided by participants of VFS programs

Highly recommended

Our son Harry has been working with Vio for the last 15 months and we are extremely happy with Harry’s progress. Vio has helped Harry build on his stamina, ball skills and confidence. As a coach, Vio is hard working, dedicated, supportive, fair, honest and super knowledgeable with all things football related. Vio’s coaching style is very much in line with what all the prestigious academies offer. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Vio to anyone who is serious about upskilling their kids football abilities.

Barbara F.

Passionate and knowledgeable coach

I have been lucky to have Vio coach both my sons. Vio has been coaching my eldest for 5 years and my youngest for two years. As a coach Vio is very passionate, knowledgeable and most importantly allows the kids to express themselves and have fun at the same time as teaching them the basics of football. He is a coach I would recommend for any child wanting to start football.

Sanja E

Good environment for young players

In my sons short time with Vio i have seen big improvements in him as a player. Vio’s coaching is second to none good environment for young players to learn soccer skills, develop their potential and learn about the game , highly recommended.

David C

One of the best junior coaches

One of the best junior coaches in Australia ,very pedantic and tenacious and gentle in working with children , 5 minutes of watching my son 3 years ago he gave us the best advice which we followed, and continued with Vio through other programs he was running . My son’s football skill had improved not to mention attitude and approach to soccer that we made it to Npl team this year under 12 , that was our objective and goal that we set 3 years ago and worked very hard . Very grateful for that and would recommend Vio and his programs to every kid who takes soccer seriously !

Milan P

Best coach ever

Vio is in my opinion the best coach ever. He really gets each child’s strengths and needs.


Impressed with improvement

Our son Ethan has been working with Vio for the past 9 months, and the improvement we have seen in his football and confidence on the ball fantastic to see. Ethan absolutely loves working with Vio, and comes home every week practicing a new skill. Vio’s ball mastery program has helped Ethan develop control, vision, and confidence on the ball, and we have seen a huge difference in his playing ability and skills after this time. I have been impressed with Vio’s coaching techniques, patience, and absolute professionalism, and enjoy seeing him work with Ethan and pushing improvement every week. We would highly recommend Vio’s football school to anyone wanting to provide their kids with an opportunity to improve their football ability. Thanks Vio!


Second to none

Vio has been coaching my son Michael for the last 4 years. As a coach Vio is very dedicated in player development and in developing their potential as young football players. Vio’s focus on ball mastering and player attitude, control, vision and confidence on the ball is second to none. Vio is hard working, dedicated, supportive, fair, honest and knowledgeable at all things football. As a parent of a young footballer, I would not hesitate in recommending Vio as a coach, to develop their skills to the highest level as he has done and will continue to do for my son.

Michelle S-F